Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

It’s been said that to move forward you have to give back. At Dignitas, we take pride in giving back to society whenever we can. Check out our latest initiatives below and do lend your support to these incredible organizations too. 

Partnership with the World Child Cancer organization and Yangon Children’s Hospital to launch Heroes School

March 2017

For child cancer patients in Myanmar, the disruption to their educational journey is a major challenge to overcome while undergoing treatment. Due to the time constraints, their studies are often neglected or abandoned during the duration of their care. To do our part for society, Dignitas supported the World Child Cancer’s initiative of piloting a new hospital school called the Heroes School at Yangon Children’s Hospital.

The school allows these children and their siblings (who may have been affected by relocation to the hospital) to receive age-appropriate schooling and psychosocial support. Most importantly, these children are able to continue their education in a stimulating and child friendly environment. Apart from the educational benefits, Heroes School also allows primary care givers time to themselves to help reduce the stresses of caring for their loved ones.

Dignitas is grateful to have been given the chance to support this life-changing initiative and looks forward to contributing to more incredible projects in the future.

Photo credit: Yangon Children's Hospital